Marriage of Mary and Joseph

"Our Lord has created persons for all states in life, and in all of them we see people who have achieved sanctity by fulfilling their obligations well."

St.Anthony Mary Claret

If you intended to change the world and had only 33 years to do it, would you spend 30 of those crucial years living a traditional family life? This is exactly what Our Lord Jesus Christ decided to do!

The wonderful news is that He may be calling you to join Him in His great work of salvation, through "consecrated" family life.

Our mission is to work for the sanctification of our own and of all families, both through our Pauline prayer life and our efforts to promote the use of good Christian media, along with our brothers and sisters in the Pauline family.

Are you married, engaged or widowed and feel that you would like to do extraordinary good for your own soul, your family and your world, while living an ordinary life?

Please contact us for more information---- and help Our Lord to Change The World !!


Holy Family Institute
PO BOX 498
CANFIELD, OH 44406-9946



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