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"Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father."


The Pauline Family has one great mission. We bring the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ to the whole world, using all of the modern means of social communication. COME AND JOIN US!


Religious Congregation

A group of celibate men or women committed by religious vows to prayer and activity in community.

Secular Institute

A group of either priests, single men, single women or married people who live in regular homes - the priests usually live in rectories - and do normal jobs, but have committed themselves by Church-sanctioned vows to the rule and lifestyle proper to their Institute.

Third Order

Men or women, married or single,who identify with the prayer and spirituality of a First Order, viz. Franciscans, Carmelites or Benedictines. In recent years the term "Third Order" has been dropped in favor of e.g. "Secular Franciscans". Their commitment is of a different nature than the commitment of e.g. a member of their First Order.

The Holy Family Institute

A Religious Institute made up of married or widowed people which is "aggregated" to, or is a branch of, a larger Religious Family, the "Pauline Family". Its members make Church-sanctioned religious vows, as in Secular Institutes, adapted according to the conditions of the married state and the normal requirements of family life.

Membership in the Holy Family Institute is open to any Catholic husband and wife who lead normal lives and observe the teaching of the Church in their marriages. There is no upper age limit or special educational requirements. Widows, widowers and childless couples are also eligible.


Pro - Life activists should consider membership: the media are constantly promoting promiscuity within marriage and outside it and this undoubtedly adds to the number of abortions. And, of course, the anti-life bias of the media is well-known.

Knights of Columbus may wish to add the great value of the vowed and consecrated life to their present activity. The Knights have always defended the family and the HFI blends very well with their apostolates . .

Teachers generally and CCD people in particular can find support for their difficult work in their relationship with the Pauline Family and their activity is a fine expression of their HFI commitment.

Writers and Artists of every kind can associate their lives and work to similar work being done by Pauline Family members.

Cursillistas are those who have made a Cursillo retreat. St. Paul is the patron saint of the Cursillo movement.

IN A WORD . . . It is not easy to think of someone who will NOT profit by HFI membership - and the HFI will equally profit as members contribute their time, talents and energies to it. Even if there are problems in your marriage, why not contact us anyway. We may be able to help.

Jesus Heals Bodies and Souls


Sends you a monthly package containing an audio cassette, a monthly Newsletter or Bulletin (CONCORD), and a PAULINE THOUGHT-A-DAY with thoughts from Fr. Alberione's writings for each day, plus a selection of items of family interest from other sources.

Sends occasional VIDEOS of which three in particular deserve mention: the first produced by HFI members in Baton Rouge and discussing how HFI membership combines with their daily family lives; another illustrating some Pauline activities and personalities in the States and a third (doubtless the most interesting !) featuring videos sent in by members themselves showing aspects of their lives and families. Others are in preparation.

Sends personal replies to the letter you are invited to write every month and, if required, puts you in touch with others who may like to get to know you.

IN A WORD . . . your preparation for vows is most thorough and detailed and in return you are invited to follow the materials sent and assist the HFI with your offerings.


Jesus Teaching

IT SHOULD BE CLEAR that Vows are never to be seen as an irrational restriction on human living. On the contrary their purpose is to make a normal life as spiritually profitable as it can be.

This has not always been clear in the past. "Vows" tended to be seen as self - denial rather than what their name implies, i.e. de - VOW - tion ( de - vo - tion ) or dedication or giving , not negating.

The HFI VOW OF POVERTY, therefore, implies first of all that the member give to family, lawful debtors, State and Church - just as every Christian does. The member may - ought to - live a productive life, take normal vacations, provide for the future, for sickness and for old age. Normality is to be the key of the vowed life in every situation - Jesus' life was totally "vowed" but it was never abnormal. Bizarre modes of dress, fasting apart from Church regulations or other similar practices form no part of the HFI Vow of Poverty. What is required is a positive appreciation of the tremendous spiritual poverty of humanity and a keen desire to do what one can to alleviate it.

OBEDIENCE IN THE HFI is first of all in the home : husband and wife "anticipating each other in showing respect" (Rom. 12, 10 ). It is also manifested outside the home in respect for lawful authority, for one's employers or employees, for neighbors, etc. Toward the HFI it is shown by diligence in studying the materials sent, by making inquiries on doubtful points, by endeavoring to turn one's talents toward HFI goals and by considering every situation in the light of HFI principles.

CHASTITY in the HFI is the same as Catholic married chastity everywhere. It does not require special comment.

May the Divine Master bless you and those you love.

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