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Artwork by Gerri, an HFI member

"I would like to exhort you, above all, to live your married life in a climate of faith. Christian life is not only the fruit of one's own will or one's own feeling, but it is also and above all an effect of the life of grace which is at work in the life of the couple..."

                    Pope John Paul II

Would you like to communicate with a member of the Holy Family Institute; ask a question or express your thoughts through E-mail? Some of our Holy Family Institute members have E-mail addresses and would love to hear from you!


Sue Burrell --- psburrell@tampabay.rr.com

"My husband, Pete, and I have been married 29 years, and we have a daughter, Cara, age 22. We live in central Florida in a rural community. We are originally from Long Island, N.Y. My husband works for a local daily newspaper in circulation promotions and I teach middle grades English and am school Librarian at a Catholic school. I am a professed member of the Holy Family Institute and look forward to making my perpetual vows this year. The H.F.I. has been a tremendous blessing to me. It has given my spiritual life a true focus and meaning. There is no greater blessing."

Dean Sabo --- lanier55@charterbn.com

"Hello, I am Dean. I am 47 years old and work in the IT dept. of an automotive manufacturing plant. My wife Theresa and I live in the foothills of NC. We have been married for 23 years. We have six children (two in college), and are a home school family. I have been a professed member in the HFI since 1997. The HFI is a blessing to my family and me. I can think of no better way to grow in Christ!"


Roy & Rachel Quinto --- chingvq@aol.com

"Hi, we are Roy and Rachel Quinto from Fresno, California. We applied for membership to the HFI only a few months ago and are looking forward to be accepted as Novices at this year's Triduum in Canfield. We have been married 20 years and have an 18 yr. old son in college. We were originally from the Philippines. We consider the HFI as the best thing that happened to us in 1998 and give thanks daily for this precious gift."

Ruth Spaniel --- rspaniel@ectisp.net

"My name is Ruth Spaniel. I am a first year novice in the HFI. I have been married for 27 years. I have seven children, ages 23 to 10. My husband is not involved in the Institute as yet but maybe one day! I attended the Triduum in 1998. It was a wonderful experience, meeting other people who loved God and wanted to learn to follow Him more closely."


Adam R Burnieika Sr --- Stoma11062@aol.com

"Hi my name is Adam R Burnieika Sr
I am now a professed member of Holy Family Institute, it has been along time since I made my first meet Adam thing. I now have three grandchildren by the graciousness of God, HFI has been a blessing to me, a gift from God, my wife has not yet joined but I am not worried about that in Gods time. If you have any questions please call or e mail me at Stoma11062@aol.com or 1-781-878-1109 I am no different than you just a regular person come on give me a call or e mail me.
Jesus,Mary,and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul.
Jesus,Mary, and Joseph, assist me in the hour of my death.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I die and rest in peace with you."

Marlicia Fernandez --- Marlicia@shentel.net

"I am a first year novice in the HFI and am looking foward to many happy years in the Institute. My husband of nearly 16 years has just retired from the U.S. Airforce and begun a new job in Northern VA. We homeschool our two children, ages 12 1\2 and 14. We have just moved to Northern VA and really love it. I look forward to hearing from other members of the Institute via e-mail at any time."

Zsolt & Eva Nagykaldi --- contact

"Hi! We are Eva and Zsolt Nagykaldi, perpetually professed members of the Holy Family Institute. We have five children. Thanks to the Montgomerys, we learned about the HFI in 1998 and gradually came to know the Institute and its apostolic mission. The HFI is a truly unique gift from God to the Church. It gives ordinary married people the wonderful opportunity to consecrate their families and married life to God in a special way. The Institue provides systematic, life-long formation and spiritual guidance for members and immerses them into the life of a world-wide family of consecrated priests, brothers, sisters, and lay members who "give Christ, Way, Truth, and Life to the world" through the modern means of the media. We invite you to consider the HFI as YOUR calling from God and a vocation that can help you reach your destination: Eternal Life!

Madeleine & Harry Visser --- mh_visser@yahoo.com

"My name is Madeleine Visser. On September 15, 2001, I made first profession and am happy to be a member of the HFI. This was our third visit to the monastery for the Triduum. Harry, my husband, comes along and spends some of his time at the retreat, but has decided not to be a member yet, maybe in a few years. I became interested in the HFI through an advertisement in the Catholic Register which is published in Toronto, Canada. I became a postulant in January of 1999, and a novice in September of 1999. My home is in Stratford Ontario Canada.I welcome any mail and whoever wants to correspond with me.
May the Divine Master, our Queen of the Apostles and St.Paul bless you all."

Your sister in Christ,

Gene & Dee Primavera ---

"Hi, We are Gene & Dee Primavera and we live on a small farm in North Lima, Ohio, which is near the Boardman/Youngstown area. We have been married 30 years and have two grown children. Our son Mark and his wife Kathy are expecting their first child in July. Our daughter Patty and her husband Tom have 3 children, twins, David & Marissa, 3 years old and Monica, 1-1/2 years old and they are treasures. We are Perpetually Professed in the Holy Family Institute and feel every good catholic married or widowed should belong to the Holy Family Institute because everything starts with the family, and it should be consecrated to God in every way possible. We have a local group that meets on the farm usually the 3rd Sunday of the month. Some members travel from Akron, Cleveland, Massillon, Medina, Mogadore, Oberlin, Salem, Vienna, and Warren. We have a delightful gathering which includes the Rosary, Mass, our Pauline Prayers, a short talk by Fr. Tom Fogarty concluding with a light meal. If you live near and would like to attend, please call us at 330- 549-2062. Hope to hear from you!"

Irene Karkosza --- tonyandirene@gotsky.com

"We and our Dove (RV home on wheels) have "nested" in Caifornia and we have, after being on the waiting list for over 2 years, moved to and settled in Jojoba Hill SKP RV resort in Aguanga, California, 12 miles east of Temecula and only 50 miles northeast of San Diego...We have enjoyed roaming the Southwest Area and will be continuing our ministry in sharing the great joyous news of HFI via e mail, writings, visiting parishes, and travelling via car, amtrak, plane, ship, to share the news of HFI...our life's work for now. Thank you."

Margaret Blouin --- Blouingang@aol.com

Hello everyone, My husband, Steve and I are members in the Holy Family Institue. We have been married for fourteen years and have five children, whom we homeschool. We have so much wanted to grow closer to Christ, but found that many apostolates, organizations, etc. would pull us away from our home and our children. In praying about this, we came upon the Holy Family Institute. This has been the greatest blessing to our marriage and our family life. The Holy Family Institute has encouraged us to live our normal married life, while being sanctified in the home. (I'm sure if any of you are blessed with children, you can appreciate this!) We encourage all married/widowed people to become part of this wonderful gift of the Church.
Margaret Blouin

Ann C. Velasco --- ann.c.velasco@comcast.net

Hello! I am Ann C. Velasco and I live in Washington State. As of March 1, 2009, I have been in the Holy Family Institute for 8 years. My husband of 19 years is Sergio, and we have 5 children. More than just a devotion, the HFI has helped me be more disciplined and accountable. The monthly report and letter to Fr. Tom, and the every day work to eliminate my principle fault (though we may have many faults, we work on our main fault first) have helped me focus my energies where they need to be focused. Some of us HFI members here see a priest for confession who is familiar with the HFI Statute and Pauline charism. The Pauline Apostolate of spreading the Gospel message through the means of social communications is also right where my heart has always been. And, finally, the HFI has helped my married and family life. My kids pray the mid-day invocations with me. I think it helps my family live in the Pauline Spirit. More important than the readings, the goal is to use every day family life with all its ups downs to reach holiness, and to help your family reach holiness. My retired parents became members a little over a year after I did, and have even made it to the Triduum themselves. In discerning my every day calling, I pray: Jesus Master, Jesus Truth, show me what I should do. Jesus Way, show me how to do it. Jesus Life, give me the energy to do Your will. Amen."
Thank you,

Mary Jane Madeline --- mjmadeline@charter.net

Living most of my life in Ohio, I was blessed to be introduced to the HOLY FAMILY INSTITUTE and Pauline spirituality by DEE PRIMAVERA. My initial attraction was that my family would also receive blessings with my membership, and that is how I began. Learning more about the Catholic Church, trying to acquire virtue and improving my spiritual self has always been important to me.
One important practice recommended is a Daily Examination of Conscience. What better way to have God near?
To pray to our loving God, through the Holy Family and St. Paul, is a better way for me to love my family. I am grateful for this gift of consecrating my life to God and pray many more mothers, fathers and widowed, will become interested to learn more.
This is all for God's glory and our salvation.

Mary Jane Madeline
21 Heron Drive
Fountain Inn, SC 29644

Pam Zimmerman ---zimmerman526@hotmail.com

Hello from St. Cloud, Minnesota. I am a perpetual member since 2000 and I can't imagine being anywhere else. The HFI is truly a great blessing for us, our families and, I am convinced, for future generations. The work that we do is timeless. The preparation that we receive for this apostolate is the very best and the support received from other members of the Pauline Family gives us the courage and support to follow through on our commitments. It has surely made a difference in my life and, I hope, those around me. I travel once a year to Ohio for our yearly Triduum which I really enjoy. It gives me a lift and seems to last for the rest of the year. I have seven children (my youngest is in high school) and I work in two different Catholic nursing homes with the Blessed Sacrament down the hall! I have been very active in parish life and I would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in this vocation. God Bless!!
Pam Zimmerman


Holy Family Institute
PO BOX 498
CANFIELD, OH 44406-9946



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