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St. Joseph; Husband, Father and Saint!

"Every moment of our day brings with it a duty but also the grace to carry it out, as well as the promise of a reward. The first and most important sign of real virtue is to undertake every duty of ours, no matter how insignificant, quickly but without tension."
                 Venerable James Alberione

It seems that God has placed within the hearts of men a yearning for greatness. In fact, most men tend to measure their self-worth in direct proportion to their accomplishments. And, in the secular world, it is the greatest deeds that garner the highest praise and prestige.

Men who are believing Christians, however, know that the things of this world are quickly passing and that Heaven is the society that they should be preparing for. And, in heaven, the perception of what constitutes "greatness" could not be more different from the secular view.

According to the teachings of the Catholic Faith, the darkness of the intellect that all of us experience on earth, due to Original Sin, is not a problem for the souls in Heaven. Knowledge and skills that we must work very hard to attain on this earth are present for the souls of the Blessed, without any effort at all on their part.

For example, it is entirely possible that the soul of an infant gave Albert Einstein a "tour of the universe" when he arrived in Heaven, revealing its secrets to the great scientist and answering his questions. It is also quite possible that the soul of someone who lived as a beggar on earth informed J.P. Morgan about the future of world financial markets, when the famous financier entered into Eternity.

In other words, if you are trying to satisfy your yearning for "greatness" with earthly pursuits alone you will definitely be a "nobody" in Eternity !

There is only one thing that you or anyone on this earth possesses that is truly yours to give. It is the "coin of the realm" in Heaven and the only thing that is taken into account when the "greatness" of a soul is decided for Eternity.

I am talking about Love! Your love, your devotion to God, expressed in the living out of your earthly existence for Him.

Through the centuries Christians have accepted God's call to the consecrated life because they wanted every thought, word, and deed of their life to express their love for God and to ensure a glorious Eternity for themselves.

Husbands and wives, widows and widowers and engaged couples are now able to "consecrate" their entire lives to God - past, present and future- by joining the, Church-approved, Holy Family Institute.

If you still yearn to do "great things" with your life you are not too late. In fact, you are right on time! Our Catholic Faith tells us that nothing happens by accident. Providence brought you here. Let Fr. Tom tell you more about what Divine Providence is offering you.

May the Divine Master bless you and those you love.

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