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"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4


We hope that you will pray with us every day.

Whenever you pray, you are invisibly linked to others around the world. Your prayer makes a difference.

As the day ends, as the week ends, you become aware of the speed with which time is passing and the urgent necessity to make each day the best possible preparation for the life without end that awaits you.

Have you thought of a new way of living your ordinary life so that it becomes more focused, more God-oriented, more peaceful, more meritorious?

There is such a way. And we would be glad to tell you about it.

But first continue to pray with us and to ask the Lord what he wants you to do.

Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life:

Have mercy on us.

Queen of the Apostles: Pray for us.

From all sin: Deliver us O Lord.

The Angelus

V. The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.

R. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit.

(Hail Mary)

V. "Behold the handmaid of the Lord"

R. "Be it done unto me according to your word."

(Hail Mary)

V. And the Word was made flesh,

R. And dwelt amongst us.

(Hail Mary)

V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God,

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray.

Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts.

That we, to whom the Incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made

known by the message of an angel, may by His passion and cross, be

brought to the glory of His resurrection, through Christ our Lord,Amen.

Our Way, Our Truth, Our Life Divine-

Our Way, Our Truth, Our Life Divine - O Jesus our Lord!

On every path as light You shine - O Master adored!

Lead us so we shall fulfill, Through our faith and works, Your will.

We praise and bless You. Our hope confess You!

In love we sing, Eternal King, O Master adored!

Your word we'll keep with all our might - O Jesus, our Lord!

The battle of the cross we'll fight - O Master adored!

Docile to Your Church we'll be, By Your truths led joyously.

We praise and bless You. Our hope confess You!

In love we sing, Eternal King, O Master adored!

Divine Heart of Jesus,

I offer You, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Church,

In union with the Eucharistic sacrifice: my prayers, actions, joys, and sufferings of this day,

in reparation for sins and for the salvation of all men and women,

according to the special intentions of the Superior General, in the grace of the Holy Spirit,

for the glory of the heavenly Father. Amen.

I Adore You My God,

and I love You with all my heart.

I thank You for having created me, made me a Christian,

kept me this night, and having led me into the Pauline Family.

I offer You my actions of this day:

grant that they all may be according to Your holy will

and for Your greater glory.

Keep me from all sin and all evil.

May Your grace be with me always and with all my dear ones.Amen.

Act Of Faith, Hope And Charity

My God, I believe in You, I trust in You, I love You, above all things,

with all my heart and mind and strength.

I love You because You are supremely good and worth loving; and because I

love You, I am sorry, with all my heart, for offending You.

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.Amen.

To Recall God's Presence

I believe, My God, that I am in Your presence,

that You are looking at me and listening to my prayers.

You are so great and so holy: I adore You.

You have given me all: I thank You.

You have been so offended by me: I ask your pardon with all my heart.

You are so merciful: and I ask of You all the graces You know are beneficial to me.Amen.

To Overcome One's Principal Fault

Jesus master, You have said:

"Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my Name, he will give it to you."

So, in your Name, I ask for victory over my principal fault


Hear me, O Jesus!

For The Pope

Let us pray for Benedict XVI, our pope.

May the Lord protect him and grant him length of days.Amen

May the Lord be his shield and deliver him from all harm.Amen

May the Lord give him happiness and peace all the days of his life.Amen

For The Souls In Purgatory

Eternal rest, grant to them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

For The Dying

St Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and true spouse of the Virgin Mary,

pray for us and for the dying of this day. (if at night: "of this night") Amen.

For The Apostolate

O St. Paul the Apostle, our patron, pray for us

and for the apostolate of the means of social communication. Amen.

For Vocations

O Jesus, eternal Shepherd of our souls, send good laborers into Your harvest.

For The Superior General

Lord, be his light and protection,

give him Your help, fill him with Your blessings.

Act Of Humility

O God, You see that our trust is not based on human actions.

Through Your mercy , may the Apostle of the Gentiles

protect us against all adversity. Through Christ our Lord.Amen.

By Myself I Can Do Nothing:

With God I can do everything.

For the love of God I want to do all things.

To God the honor, to me heaven.

For Blessed Fr. James Alberione

Lord, glorify in Your Church the Priest, Servant of God, Blessed James Alberione.

May he be for all of us an example and intercessor

In the journey of our sanctification and of our apostolic commitment.

Open the ways of evangelization so that the presence of Jesus Master,

Way and Truth and Life, may shine in the world, through Mary, Mother and Queen of Apostles.

Grant me the graces that I ask for At this time...........

Prayer Of Thanksgiving

We give You thanks for all Your gifts, Almighty God,

Living and reigning now and forever. Amen.

Invocations To Jesus Master

Jesus Master, sanctify my mind and increase my faith,

Jesus, teaching in the Church, draw everyone to Your school.

Jesus Master, deliver me from error, from vain thoughts and from eternal darkness.

O Jesus, Way of sanctity, make me Your faithful imitator.

O Jesus Way, render me perfect as the Father, Who is in heaven.

Jesus Life, live in me so that I may live in You.

Jesus Life, do not permit me to separate myself from You.

Jesus Life, grant that I may live eternally in the joy of Your love.

Jesus Truth, may I be light for the world!

Jesus Way, may I be example and model for souls!

Jesus Life, may my presence bring grace and consolation everywhere!

Pauline Offertory

Father, in union with all those who today celebrate the Eucharist, I wish to offer myself,

a small victim, with Jesus, the Victim.

---in atonement for error and scandal spread throughout the world, through the misuse

of the means of social communication;

---to appeal to Your mercy for those persons, who, deceived and seduced by the influence

of these instruments, stray from Your fatherly love;

---for the conversion of those persons, who, in the use of these instruments, reject the

teaching of Christ and His Church, and thus warp the minds, hearts, and undertakings of men

and women;

---that we may follow Him alone, whom You, Father, in Your boundless love, sent into

the world, saying: "This is My beloved Son, hear Him;"

---to acknowledge and to make known that Jesus alone, the Word Incarnate, is the perfect

Teacher, the trustworthy Way, Who leads to knowledge of You, Father, and to a partaking of

Your life;

---that there be, in the Church, an increase in the number of priests, religious and

lay persons who, consecrated as apostles of social communication, will make the message of

salvation resound throughout the world;

---that all those, who work within the framework of social communication, may grow in

holiness and wisdom and bear witness to an authentic Christian life;

---that the undertakings of Catholics, within the sphere of social communication, may

continually increase so that, by promoting more effectively genuine human and Christian values,

the voice of error and evil will be counteracted;

---that, well aware of our insufficiency and unworthiness, we may realize the need to

draw near the Font of Life, in all humility and trust, and to be nourished with Your Word,

Father, and with the Body of Christ, invoking light, love and mercy for all men and women.

Secret Of Success

Jesus Master, accept the pact we present to You, through the hands of Mary,

Queen of the Apostles, and of our Father, St. Paul.

We must correspond to Your sublime will, arrive at the degree of perfection and

heavenly glory to which You have destined us, and perform the apostolate of

social communication in a holy manner.

But we see that we are very weak, ignorant, incapable and inadequate in every way:

in spirit, in knowledge, in the apostolate and in poverty.

You, instead, are the Way and the Truth and the Life, the Resurrection, our One and

Supreme Good. We trust in You alone, Who said: "Whatever you ask the Father in My name,

you will receive it."

For our part, we promise and commit ourselves to seeking wholeheartedly, in all things,

in life and the apostolate, only and always, Your glory and peace to all peoples.

We trust that, on Your part, You will give us a good spirit, grace, knowledge, and

the means for doing good.

According to Your immense goodness and the needs of our special vocation, multiply the fruits

of our spiritual work, of our study, of our apostolate, and of our poverty.

We do not doubt You, but we fear our inconstancy and weakness.

Therefore, Good Master, through the intercession of Mary, our mother, extend to us

the mercy You used with the Apostle Paul, so that, faithful in imitating our Father,

here on earth, we may be his companions in the glory of heaven..Amen

Act Of Surrender To The Will Of God

My God, I do not know what will happen to me today.

I know only that nothing will happen to me that was not

foreseen by You and directed to my greater good from

all eternity. This is enough for me.

I adore Your eternal and unfathomable designs. I submit

to them, with all my heart, for love of You. I offer the sacrifice

of my whole being to You and join my sacrifice to that of Jesus,

my Divine Savior.

In His name and by His infinite merits, I ask You for patience

in my sufferings and perfect submission, so that everything You

want or permit to happen, will result in Your greater glory and

my sanctification.Amen.

To Spend The Day Well

Dear and sweet Mother Mary, keep your holy hand upon me;

guard my mind, my heart and my senses, that I may never commit sin.

Sanctify my thoughts, affections, words and actions, so that I may

please you and your Jesus, my God, and reach heaven with you.

Jesus and Mary, give me Your holy blessing:

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.Amen.



Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia.

for Christ, your Son and Son of God, has risen as He said, alleluia.

Pray to God for us, alleluia.

V. Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia.

R. For the Lord has truly risen, alleluia.

Let us pray.

God of life,

you have given joy to the world by the resurrection of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through the prayers of His mother, the Virgin Mary, bring us to the happiness of eternal life.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.Amen.

I adore you, my God, and I love you with all my heart.

I thank you for having created me, made me a Christian, and kept me this day.

Forgive me my failings and sins and accept whatever good I have done.

Take care of me while I sleep and deliver me from all danger.

May your grace be always with me and with all my dear ones.Amen.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father, Hail Holy Queen, Angel of God.)

The examination of conscience; the Act of Contrition

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me in the hour of my death.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I die and rest in peace with you.

Psalm 130

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord, Lord, hear my voice!

O let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleading.

If you, O Lord, should mark our guilt, Lord, who would survive?

But with you is found forgiveness; for this we revere you.

My soul is waiting for the Lord, I count on his word.

My soul is longing for the Lord more than watchman for daybreak.

(Let the watchman count on daybreak and Israel on the Lord.)

Because with the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption,

Israel indeed he will redeem from all its iniquity.

Before retiring, the following chaplet is recited: Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, make us saints!

Three Hail Mary's

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